Visa and MasterCard have made important changes to merchant acceptance as part of a proposed settlement for merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories. For more information click here.

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Merchant News

Connect to the industry's best practices, products and trends that have brought success to businesses like yours. Several times per year, we will introduce you to the latest industry, card association and product developments via our Connections Newsletter.

New Merchant Assist

The New Merchant Assist site, your single-source for information to help you get up and processing transactions quickly.

Chargebacks & Retrievals

A cardholder or issuing bank can place a dispute on a transaction when one party feels that the merchant has done something in error upon accepting the item. Reasons include: investigation of a fraud case, dispute over merchandise quality, failure to receive merchandise or improper pricing of merchandising. The merchant's account is debited and the merchant must provide proof that the transaction is valid and satisfactory to the rules/regulations of Visa/MasterCard to get money back. This section includes important information about chargebacks and retrievals.

Compliance & Data Security

Stolen cardholder account data is a major concern for all participants in the payment industry - consumers, merchants and financial institutions and processors. Merchants and financial institutions often suffer unanticipated operational expenses resulting from data hacking and fraud. To better protect your business, your customers, and the integrity of the payment system, each of the card companies has in place a set of requirements governing the safekeeping of account information.

Interchange Rates

Multiple entities are responsible for the complete end-to-end processing of your credit card transactions. These include the card associations (MasterCard and VISA), a card-issuing bank, a processing bank, a service organization, a telecommunications network, and a settlement bank. Your merchant pricing reflects the various fees earned by each of the parties to enable you to securely accept credit cards. Interchange fees affect all industries and are evaluated annually based on an analysis of industry costs and economic conditions. Although Interchange fees are applied to all credit card processors equally, they fluctuate in amount based on a variety of factors.

Card Brand Usage Fees

VISA and MasterCard have introduced card 'Brand Usage' fees for accessing their processing networks. Effective July 1, VISA will implement fees related to network authorization access, as well as penalties for mis-use of authorization services. These fees will be grouped together and reflected on your statement as 'Card Association Fee'. The fees can be reduced and penalties can be avoided by following best practices at the point of sale.

Merchant Activation & Training

At Elavon, we understand the importance of getting your systems up and running quickly. That's why we have a team dedicated to training you and your staff on all of our products and services. Refer to this section to understand the training resources available for your business.

Merchant Operating Guide

The Merchant Operating Guide provides you with an overview of the payment processing industry and simple, easy-to-read instructions for processing transactions and minimizing the risk of fraud to your business.

Product Support

The Product Support section contains detailed information about how to use your credit card terminal or payment processing software. Here you will find help directions for performing basic functions on our most popular terminals and software products, as well as information about adjusting terminal time settings for Daylight Savings Time. You can also download Quick Reference Guides for our most popular terminal solutions.

Risk Management

In today's increasingly electronic business world, keeping credit card and customer information confidential is progressively more important - and difficult. Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, and while non face-to-face transactions may carry a higher potential for fraud, it can happen in retail storefront businesses too. To assist you in protecting your business, we've compiled some tips and guidelines to help keep customer information secure and avoid expensive losses due to fraudulent schemes.