Visa and MasterCard have made important changes to merchant acceptance as part of a proposed settlement for merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories. For more information click here.

Please keep this information available to aid in changing the time on your Visa/MasterCard processing equipment.

If you have an Encompass or Hybrid program, please be aware that your time will automatically update when you process a transaction. If you do not have an Encompass or Hybrid program, please use the instructions below to change the time.

If you have a:
F95 Terminal
Press: "Function" Key
Press: 82 "Enter"
Press: 2852682 "Enter"
Enter correct Date (MMDDYY) and time (HHMM) military format "Enter"

If you have a:
Hypercom ICE
Press the Menu Bar (on screen)
Press Setup
Press Time
Key in the manager password (028510) and press "Enter"
Type in the time in HHMM format and press "Enter"

If you have a:
Hypercom Terminal
Press: "Function" Key
Press: 10
Press: "Enter" Key
Press: 0000 "Enter"
Enter the correct date (MMDDYY) and time (HHMM)

If you have a:
Nurit Terminal
Press the yellow "Menu/Esc" key
Press 5
Press 1 or the green "Enter" key
Press the green "Enter" key
Type in the current date (MM/DD/YY)
Type in the current time, in military format, and press the green "Enter" key
Press the yellow "Menu/Esc" key two times

If you have a:
OMNI Terminal
Press the "Func/Enter" and 7 at the same time
Press 1 "Alpha" "Alpha" 66831 and then press "Func/Enter"
Press 5
Press the desired date, starting with the year
Example: To enter the date December 18, 2003. Enter 031218
Press the desired time
Example: To enter the time 12:30 enter 123000
Press the "Clear" twice
If a mistake is made, the "Backspace" can be pressed to clear the incorrect information

If you have a:
Press the Function Key (FN)
Enter the password and press "Enter"
Press the right arrow key
Select Term Setup
Select Clock Set
Enter Current Date (MMDDYY)
Enter Current Time (HHMM - military time format)

If you have a:
VeriFone Terminal
Press: "*" and "3" simultaneously. Press: "Alpha"
Press: 4 digits of current year (2003)
Press: "Enter" Key
Enter: Month (1 through 12), April = 4 and October = 10
Press: "Enter" Key
Enter: Date (1 through 31)
Press: "Enter" Key
Enter: Hour (0-23)
Press: "Enter" Key
Enter: Minute (1 through 59)
Press: "Enter" Key
Enter: Seconds (1 through 59)
Press: "Enter" Key

For additional assistance please contact your terminal support help desk.