Visa and MasterCard have made important changes to merchant acceptance as part of a proposed settlement for merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories. For more information click here.

MerchantConnect, our web-based real-time reporting service, provides the streamlined, and secure reporting you need. You can quickly and easily access payment information, while protecting cardholder and account data. MerchantConnect brings together all the information you need to better manage your electronic payment processing activity. Itís at your fingertips when you need it.

MerchantConnect offers three service levels: Basic, Premium and Premium with Online Case Management (OCM)

  • MerchantConnect Basic allows one user ID to access one merchant account. For no charge, a user can easily view recent deposits, chargeback and retrieval listings, see equipment shipping information, review a merchant profile and access important information about payment processing support, and much more. Please review our online demo for information and facts about this service level.
  • MerchantConnect Premium allows one user ID to access reporting at the entity, chain or single location level. In addition to all the content available to Basic users, Premium users can view aggregated detailed reporting regarding settlements, transaction details, qualifications, chargebacks and retrievals. MerchantConnect Premium also allows users to filter and search for specific information or export date for further analysis. Please view our online demo or download a Quick Reference Guide for information and facts about how to use this service level.
  • MerchantConnect Premium with Online Case Management (OCM) allows one user ID to access all reporting capabilities within MerchantConnect Premium. In addition, your users can view case information, manage case lifecycles, and respond to chargebacks and retrievals online. Online Case Management case Information is available for up to 2 years using robust search and reporting features.

If you have additional questions regarding MerchantConnect service levels or Automated Customer Service (ACS), please contact our Software & Internet Support group at (800) 377-3962, and choose Option 2, followed by Option 2 again, then remain on the line.