Visa and MasterCard have made important changes to merchant acceptance as part of a proposed settlement for merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories. For more information click here.

You can accept payments with nothing more than a computer and internet access when you use Converge. The Converge Virtual terminal is a powerful tool for any business that needs to accept payments in-stores, in-office, by phone, or mail. Simply log into the Converge dashboard, enter in the payment information and you're done. The system is beautiful, intuitive, and full of helpful features like in-page support to help you get up and running quickly.

Process single transactions, recurring transactions, or installment transactions safely using Converge's tokenization and encryption technology. Save cards on file securely to speed up transaction time or add an encrypted card reader for additional security. Converge can also process payments for your eCommerce website, mobile app, or integrate into your product's API. Please see our Developer Portal to learn more.

The benefit of using Converge is that it's a payment gateway that can keep up with today's modern business. No matter where your business takes you: online, in-app, hundreds of locations or just one, Converge can help.

Please contact our Software & Internet Support group at (800) 377-3962 to learn more about how you can use Converge for your business.