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Information That's Right On The Money

No matter what your business, or how sophisticated your accounting infrastructure chances are, you could manage your payment activity more efficiently and effectively. The key is having the right information when you need it, so you can make adjustments, deal with unexpected issues, and take advantage of promising opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a convenient online tool for a single location, powerful reporting across your whole enterprise, or a fully customized payment analysis, Elavon provides information that's right on the money.


MerchantConnect, our web-based real-time reporting service, provides the streamlined, and secure reporting you need. You can quickly and easily access payment information, while protecting cardholder and account data. MerchantConnect brings together all the information you need to better manage your electronic payment processing activity. It's at your fingertips when you need it.


MerchantConnect offers three service levels: Basic, Premium and Premium with Online Case Management (OCM)


MerchantConnect Basic

MerchantConnect Basic provides a single log-in for a single location and features the ability to manage your account and have convenient access to important reporting and support information.

Please review our online demo or download a product overview containing information and facts about this service level.

MerchantConnect Premium

MerchantConnect Premium provides a flexible solution for managing payments across multiple locations.

In addition to all the features provided in our Basic service, MerchantConnect Premium provides hierarchical reporting and the ability to aggregate data from multiple locations. This enables an individual store manager to access reports on a single outlet, while a regional or corporate executive could use one log-on to view consolidated payment information on all the stores or geographic regions under his or her authority.

MerchantConnect Premium is a more comprehensive, versatile online reporting service. For example, most reports cover a year's worth of activity rather than the six months provided with the Basic Services. Data is searchable, and can be exported into a spreadsheet or another application for further analysis.

Please review our online demo for information and facts about this service level.

MerchantConnect Premium with Online Case Management (OCM)

MerchantConnect Premium with Online Case Management (OCM) provides the same reporting capabilities as MerchantConnect Premium with the added abilty to view, manage, report and respond to chargeback and retrieval disputes online.

Online Case Management provides detailed chargeback and retrieval information to your dispute management representatives based on a variety of user-defined queue attributes. Users can view case information, original transaction history, documentation shared between the card issuer, acquirer and merchant, case history, user notes indicating progress on the research performed and respond to the case using optional user-defined response templates and rules. Upon responding a confirmation of acquirer receipt is received near real-time. E-mail alerts can be enabled to notify your users of important changes in the status of a case, such as when a case reaches an aging milestone or new information is received. Additionally sophisticated search capabilities allow users to pull on demand reports providing case information for up to 2 years.

MerchantConnect Premium with Online Case Management provides a streamlined approach to managing your transaction level activity. From reporting of transactions to dispute management of chargebacks and retrievals, this option will enable your users to manage electronic credit card processing activity as it moves through the various cycles, improving efficiency and reducing costs such as paper for printing, telecommunication costs via facsimile, data storage costs through email or sFTP or mail costs via US Postal Service.


ACS is an advanced reporting and account reconciliation tool. With ACS, you can view detailed reports from across your enterprise; including transaction activity, statement detail, and card type history and interchange qualification detail - all through a simple easy-to-use desktop application.

Custom Reporting

For retailers with specific report requirements, Elavon offers fully customized solutions. You receive in-depth analysis of virtually any information that you might need produced for any time period, in any format. Data can be summarized or detailed through a variety of hierarchies - from chain, to region, to store and to individual batch. Integration with enterprise systems eases overall accounting functions. You can even order the data you need to analyze qualified/unqualified interchange transactions, as well as chart the impact of downgrades on your bottom line.