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The Drive to Fleet

The government and commercial fleet market is enormous. Approximately 65 billion gallons of fuel annually- about half of all purchases in the U.S.-are paid for by fleet cards. A similar percentage of maintenance and repair costs are placed on fleet cards as well.

Businesses are attracted to fleet cards to gain better control of fuel and vehicle service expenses. The problem for retailers is that fleet cards typically require separate terminals, funding, statements, and another vendor to contact should issues arise.

Bringing It All Together

With Elavon's fleet solution, you can accept credit, debit, EBT, loyalty, electronic check, and fleet payments on a single terminal-reducing the countertop clutter and complexity that leads to errors. Even better, you will have just one source for funding, reporting, statements and service. Plus, fleet card transaction deposits will automatically settle into your account with the same speed and ease of credit card transactions, typically within 24-48 hours.

Elavon supports all major fleet cards, including both Voyager and Wright Express. In addition, our software interface works with the vast majority of automated fuel dispenser (AFD) devices used in fuel pumps today-automatically forwarding transactions to be processed.

Elavon's Fleet terminal allows retail petroleum and auto service locations to accept fleet, credit, debit and gift cards through one easy-to-use point-of-sale solution. With the addition of a check imager/reader you can even convert checks into electronic transactions. This sleek �all-in-one� solution incorporates a magnetic card swipe, quiet, fast thermal printer and secure PIN pad. The terminal delivers a powerful feature set in a single, attractive, compact and highly reliable design.