Visa and MasterCard have made important changes to merchant acceptance as part of a proposed settlement for merchants located in the U.S. and U.S. territories. For more information click here.

There are many types of business environments; and in order to accommodate all of them, Elavon supports a variety of Business Applications, including:

  • Retail - Retail applications quickly, efficiently and safely process transactions in a face-to-face environment. Whether you have a clothing store or are a doctor's office, we have the correct business application to suit your needs. Our retail solutions will work in a single merchant or a multi-merchant environment.
  • Restaurant - Need to track sales by server or accept gratuities? Want to open "tabs" for your lounge customers? Our restaurant applications offer a wide array of features and reports that are targeted specifically to the restaurant industry.
  • Mail Order / Telephone Order (MO/TO) - MO/TO applications are designed with features that enable you to better manage the risks associated with Mail and Telephone Order transactions. Features such as Address Verification Service and CVV2/CID Verification allow you to better manage the risks associated with these types of businesses.
  • Internet (eCommerce) - Business conducted over the Internet continues to grow. We have solutions to ensure that your e-Commerce transactions are being processed in a secure environment. Make sure you are protecting your customers and yourself by using only the properly encrypted products that are certified as secure by our network.